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Driveways are an important part of your home or business – both in their function and how they act as a first impression to the rest of your property.  Over time, moisture, elements, weight and other factors cause your driveway to settle, crack and become unlevel.
As your trusted and locally owned Okanagan concrete repair specialist, Okanagan Lift and Level is the answer to the repairs for your concrete driveway including leveling, raising and void filling.  Re-leveling large concrete slabs is much more cost-effective than replacement and doesn’t disrupt the surrounding landscape. Make the entrance to your home or business smoother and safer with Okanagan Lift and Level.


Okanagan Lift and Level is known for affordable, budget friendly sidewalk concrete repairs that involve void filling, raising and re-leveling. Sunken cement sidewalks are our speciality to raise and repair through foam jacking/ slabjacking.

Slabjacking corrects a wide range of sidewalk repairs, that involve pedestrian walkway hazards, quickly and neatly while removing safety and liability issues permanently.


Okanagan Lift and Level provides garage void filling, re-leveling and concrete raising services in the Okanagan. The process of fixing your garage floors is a clean, simple procedure accomplished without expensive excavation or slab removal, and is usually completed in just one day. 

Level off floors, sinking and broken corners and restore your garage to a fresh new look. If you have noticed that your garage floors may be sloping or sunken – give our experts a call or schedule a free estimate here on our website.

Pool Decks

Okanagan Lift and Level is your local concrete contractor in the Okanagan area specializing in repairs for unlevel and sunken pool deck areas.  Re-leveling large concrete slabs such as those around a swimming pool is much more cost-effective than full concrete replacement and does not disrupt your pool.

Making repairs like void filling and leveling out concrete not only improves the look of your pool deck, but also makes this area much safer for foot traffic – removing potential hazards for tripping and falling. Contact us today to get a free estimate for your pool deck leveling and repair project.  


Settled and sunken patio and porch slabs are both dangerous and unsightly, and invite nesting and burrowing from insects, and small animals. Okanagan Lift and Level provides concrete void filling, leveling and raising services for areas like patios and porches that may become sunken, cracked and unlevel over time.  Slab jacking brings your patio back to normal quickly and easily without expensive replacement.

It is an effective, eco friendly and affordable alternative to replacing your entire porch area and can often be done in as little as a day.  

Contact us today to learn more about our concrete raising services for porches and other areas, and to get a free estimate.

Basement Floors

Okanagan Lift and Level is your Okanagan area expert for concrete leveling and raising in basement areas – where your floor may be sunken, sloped or cracked.  

Slab jacking is ideal for void filling and leveling basement floors where access is often limited. It’s simple, clean, and usually completed in less than a day.

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate with our team about your basement leveling or raising project today!

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